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Gro Anywhere Blind

37.99 €37.99

Availability: In stock

  • Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 135cm x 200cm
  • Comes with handy travel bag
  • Conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards

Portable blackout blind for when it's still too light to say night night! Anyone who has stayed away from home with little ones will know that it can be tricky to create a snoozy sleeping environment when there is too much light flooding in. The versatile Gro Anywhere Blind has been designed to 'go' anywhere with you, and can be put in place in minutes. Attaches directly to the glass using suction cups, ensuring a close fit that really does block light properly.


How to install
Always start assembly using the primary corner where the care label is located. For a vertical (tall) window begin with the primary corner and position in the top right corner of the window, attaching the suckers along the top of the window. For a horizontal (wide) window begin in the top left hand corner of the window. Use the adjustment system to gather in excess material in the width or drop, or to re-position eyelets around the window. Undo webbing from the button in the hem if you wish to shorten, pull webbing to gather material then re-fasten webbing onto the button. Due to different types of glass or changes in temperature, occasionally a sucker may not adhere properly. Check glass is clean and moisten suckers and reattach.

Just a note before use, sometimes the suction cups can become deformed in transit and as a result may not stick effectively to the window when they are first removed from the packaging.

Don't worry if this happens, simply fold the cup in half and roll it between your fingers for 30 seconds. This will restore the conical shape and allow the cup to stick to glass. If this fails on the first attempt then repeat the process and the cup will regain its correct shape.

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