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Caesarean Belt by Theraline

37.99 €37.99

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This belt offers protection, support and comfort to mums following a caesarean birth.


  1. Includes four different inserts depending on the needs of the user.
  2. A lightweight Shield offers protection for the incision.
  3. The Polyfiber Pillow prevents clothes from rubbing against the incision and can be used with 1.
  4. The Cold-Warm compress can be inserted hot or cold to relieve the swollen incision and itching.
  5. The Cherry Stone Pillow can also be inserted warm to soothe the pains and aches, associated with the incision.
  6. Can be worn under or over clothing.
  7. Offers comfort and support for all daily activities.
  8. Psychologically important.
  9. When the incision has healed fully the C-Belt, with warm inserts, can be used to provide comfort for menstrual and back problems & can also give comfort to children with tummy ache.

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