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BellyBra Maternity Support

34.99 €34.99

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34.99 €34.99

The BellyBra is a soft, stretchable nylon/spandex maternity support garment that you wear like a tank t-shirt – you can even wear it as its own maternity top! Embedded with a stretch panel across the lower back and a wide elastic band in front, the BellyBra safely supports baby and give both of you blessed relief by lifting weight off your pelvis and abdomen.

The BellyBra offers instant relief for lower back pain during pregnancy while providing proven, healthy support for baby!

The BellyBra is an intelligent, full torso support garment that tucks beautifully under any maternity top or dress to provide all-over gentle support for the lower back, breasts and abdomen during your third trimester of pregnancy (unless you are expecting multiples – then we suggest earlier).

We recommend you choose your BellyBra by your bra size at your third trimester stage, but keep in mind the size maternity tops you’re wearing also. If you’re small busted but are wearing Large tops, go with the Large BellyBra as the maternity bra part of the BellyBra is secondary to the maternity support it provides through shoulders, back and abdomen to lift your baby weight off your pelvis.

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