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Medela Breastpumps & Accessories

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  1. 109 €109.00

    This Medela Symphony breastpump for home rental gives the mother the most natural of feelings along with unique technical refinementThe Symphony breastpump comes closer to nature than ever with Medela’s 2-Phase Expression Technology.

  2. 49.95 €49.95

    The Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit contains a range of essential products to provide an easy right start to your breastfeeding experience.

  3. 195 €195.00

    The Medela Swing breastpump is the first and only small electric breast pump, for single pumping, that features the ground-breaking 2-Phase Expression Technology.

  4. 359 €359.00

    The new compact double electric breastpump Swing maxi is perfect for all mothers looking for a simple and time-saving solution. Ideal to increase milk supply and for daily use.

  5. 395 €395.00

    The world's smallest high-performance electric Breastpump gives a mother more time and flexibility in her everyday life. Ideal for daily and frequent use.

  6. 109 €109.00
    This small electric breastpump offers optimal comfort for expressing breastmilk at home or on the go. Ideal fort short-term and occasional use.
  7. 54.99 €54.99
    This manual breastpump is ideal for mothers who only express milk occasionally and do not want to miss the usual feel of their baby.

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