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Bath Time

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  1. 19.99 €19.99

    The adaptable bath cushion delta baby should be placed on the bottom of the bath. It will fill up with water and become a water cushion on which the baby can be placed comfortably either in a lying or sitting position.

  2. 24.99 €24.99
    This extra large bath towel is designed to fasten around your neck like an apron, allowing you to safely pick your baby up from the bath with your two free hands.
  3. 22.95 €22.95

    The Shantala Baby Bath is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months. It allows the child to be bathed in a position familiar to them (rather like in the womb), which has a reassuring effect.

  4. 18 €18.00

    Easy Bath is a small floating cushion designed to bath babies comfortably and safely. With Easy Bath babies really enjoy their bath in a relaxed and carefree way.

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