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  1. 175 €175.00

    Ante Natal Classes in preperation for birth and parenting.

    Full day course - €175 - Ideal date: 28-36 weeks pregnancy

  2. 50 €50.00

    This course covers both the practical and theory elements of first aid training.

  3. 100 €100.00

    An exceptional 6 week Pilates exercise programme suitable for new mums who want to get back in to shape after giving birth and also for those who are new to Pilates exercises or post injury.

  4. 100 €100.00

    A dedicated 6 week Physiotherapy & Pilates based exercise programme for expectant mums who want to prepare their bodies for labour and for the challenges of motherhood. 

  5. 100 €100.00

    Regular practice throughout pregnancy will be helpful in dealing with all the changes, both emotional and physical...

    Drop in available: €17.50

  6. 79 €79.00

    Having worked hard for many months to bring your little one into the world, it’s time to look after you again with Mum and Baby Pilates classes at U Mamma. 

  7. 120 €120.00

    Learn to massage your baby at U Mamma in a warm, supportive and relaxed atmosphere. 



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