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U Mamma Mother & Baby Physiolates (Pilates)

79 €79.00

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79 €79.00

Having worked hard for many months to bring your little one into the world, it’s time to look after you again with Mum and Baby Pilates classes at U Mamma. 

Bring baby along as you return gently to exercise & strengthen your body, regain core and pelvic floor control and improve your posture. Chill with us after the class for a chat and a catch-up.

Included in the 6 week U Mamma Mother and Baby Pilates Program is a private one to one assessment provided by your instructor who is also a Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s Health. You will receive weekly handouts with exercises, tips and recipes for healthy snacks that will keep you on track in getting your pre-pregnancy body back!

Please check with your doctor first about exercising after the birth. We recommend returning to exercise no less than 6 weeks after a natural birth and 8/10 weeks after a caesarean section. Babies welcome from 6 weeks until crawling.


Drop in available: €15 per class. Assessment must be done prior to drop in (€25 fee for those who have not completed a course previously)


Start DatesDurationTimePrice

Fri 23rd Feb - 30th March 

6 weeks 11am-12pm  €79


IRISH LIFE MEMBERS: U Mamma™ Holistic Therapies and Classes also qualify for Aviva’s €400 pre and post-natal benefit scheme. (i.e. classes instructed by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist can be partially claimed back. Members are entitled to a 15% discount off holistic therapies.)


Customers attending U Mamma classes are entitled to exclusive discounts on Pulsar Obstetric TENS rental, Medela Symphony Breastpump rental and all retail products including Big V Support Pillow, My Brest Friend Pillow, Medela Breastfeeding Products and Doomoo Seats.

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