After giving birth, many women are eager to start exercising again. However, with the new-found challenges and responsibilities of motherhood, finding either the time or energy to exercise can seem impossible. The solution? Get creative with your fitness routine.


In this week’s article,  we offer some suggestions on including exercise into your weekly schedule, with a baby at home. Take a look.

Early in Morning/Late At Night

Ok - we know! The idea of sacrificing any of those precious few hours of sleep you get at night probably sounds absurd. Having said that, it still might work for some parents. By waking up about a half hour before your baby’s usual wake-up time, you can schedule in a quick workout before the mayhem begins.

Alternatively - and potentially more realistic for some new parents - you could try get in that exercise after your little one has gone to bed. This does mean you’ll have to resist the urge to plonk down in front of the T.V, to get some much needed down-time, but you’ll be happier with yourself in the long run.

Exercise During Commute

If you’ve already returned to work, you could try incorporate some fitness into your daily commute. Is your office within cycling distance? What about walking or jogging distance? If so, try to cycle, walk or run to work at least twice a week. You might find yourself struggling at first, but you’ll soon build up your stamina.

Take Turns with Your Partner

Because one of the biggest challenges is finding the time to exercise, with your new baby taking up all your attention, this might be the most practical option for some parents. Essentially, you and your partner take turns - week to week - dividing the childcare duties. One week, you agree to babysit your little one while your partner gets in some much-needed exercise. The next week, your partner does the same for you.

Exercise Classes with your Baby

Why not bring your baby along with you while you get some exercise? For many parents, this is one of the most practical and effective options. Not only are you improving your fitness, and benefitting from a professionally run fitness class, but your getting to spend some quality time with your little one too.


Not sure where to find fitness classes open to mothers and babies? You’re in luck.


Here at U Mamma, we offer a number of classes specifically designed for new mothers and their babies. Our Mum and Baby Physiolates course is designed to help you get back in shape, while spending time with your little one. Additionally, we have a range of fitness classes designed for the postnatal months.


To find out more about our classes, take a look here:


Exercise During Walks or Outings


Who's to say that a stroll around the neighbourhood or a visit to the park can’t be used to help get fit? Consider purchasing a stroller designed for women who like to jog - and try incorporate a jog with your buggy into your weekly schedule. Or why not put your baby in a sling or carrier and go for a hike or long walk on a nature trail? So long as you take the necessary safety precautions, there’s no reason you can’t include your little one in some of these activities.


So there you have it. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help get you feeling healthy and fit for the coming year. Good luck!