Babies can get irritated for a wide variety of reasons. From colic, to sleeplessness, to teething problems, your baby’s irritability can come from any number of sources. And yet, although it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your little one’s discomfort, there are a number of ways you might help relieve this irritation. In this week’s article, we’re going to explore some time-tested approaches to relieving your baby’s discomfort. We hope these help.

Good luck!

Try Some Noise 

Sometimes, certain noises can calm babies down. Why not try one of these?

-Turn on a Fan

If you have a fan easy to hand, turn it on and see how your baby reacts. The soft repetitive whirring of fans has been known to calm irritable babies.

-Washing machines and/or dryers

It seems counter-intuitive, but some babies seem to love the tumbling sound from washers and dryers.

-Hoover the Room

This has worked wonders for some parents. The combination of sound and vibrations has a way of calming baby’s nerves and distracting them from their discomfort.

Try Some Movement

As most parents know, some babies find movement calming and relaxing. Here are some good suggestions for drawing on the benefits of movement to help calm your little one:

-Washing machines and/or dryers

That’s right. Your washing machine and dryer isn’t just useful because of its noice, but the vibrations can work wonders too. Try putting your baby on top of the washing machine in his or her baby seat for a little while, and see if this eases their discomfort. Make sure to hold onto the baby seat when you try this, though, as accidents are prone to happen.

-Rocking your little one in your arms

This seems so obvious it’s barely worth mentioning, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to forget the basics when you’re stressed out from a crying newborn. Take your little one in your arms, and rock them slowly in your arms, back and forth. Some parents find walking around the room with them on their shoulder - or other forms of safe, mild movement - can help too.

-A Stroll down the Road

Try taking them out for a stroll in their pram or for a short drive in the car. Many parents find that the consistent motion of walks or car rides calm their baby right down, and help them drift off to sleep.

-Baby swings

Baby swings can be a great way to calm your little one down. Make sure, however, to find a swing designed for a small baby, as certain swings can fall over if they’ve been designed for a larger baby.

Try Swaddling 

-Swaddle your Little One

Why not try swaddling your baby? You can wrap a lightweight blanket or special swaddling fabric around your little one, and cradle them close to you. This has been shown to calm babies and provide them with a sense of security and warmth.

-Try a Sling

Slings are also a great way to make your baby feel comfortable, secure and warm.  Why not give them a try?

Other Ideas

-Change of Scenery

Take your baby to the park, to a nearby patch of grass, or simply for a walk around the neighbourhood. A change of scenery can be all you need to distract a baby from their discomfort.

-Turn off the TV

Sometimes, too much stimulation can actually work against you. Try turning off the TV and dimming the lights. This might help calm your little one and help them settle down.

-Try a Massage

Massaging or stroking your baby can help relax them sometimes. You’d be surprised at how effective this can be.

-Too Hot/Too Cold

Babies are particularly sensitive to the temperature. Make sure the room isn’t too hot or too cold, or that the clothes they’re wearing are not making them uncomfortable.